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Sisters Sippin’ Tea is the brainchild of two former Amistad book club members, Karen Brown and Wilhelmenia Williams.  The book club met at an African-American bookstore located in Third Ward Houston.  When the group disbanded, we missed the monthly discussion and connection with Sistahs in this relaxed, candlelit, cozy atmosphere.  In February 1992, former book club members and newly invited guests met, established guidelines and decided on the name “Sisters Sippin’ Tea”.  Soon there were chapters established in Dallas, Texas City and Long Island, NY.  Membership included dynamic, bold, vocal, strongly opinionated women who agreed to disagree and still respect each other in the morning!

We are the Houston (Core) Chapter of Sisters Sippin' Tea (SST).  We meet once a month during the months of September through June on the 4th Saturday of the month. We take off during the summer to accommodate our busy summer vacation schedule.  Our monthly meetings are called "Sips" and are hosted by one or more members.  The hostess(es) decides on the SIP meeting site, and she also presents three or more books for the sisters to vote on, and the book with the highest rating is selected for the next month reading.  Our monthly sips consist of a lively discussion of the book of the month, fellowship with our sisters and great food!

During the month of December, we celebrate with a Holiday Social. Originally the Holiday Social was held at an African American owned restaurant within the community, but due to the size our our group, we have . We have an annual tradition of exchanging gifts consisting of a tea cup/saucer, or teapot. We assign each gift a number, and each member randomly pulls a number to determine which gift they will receive. The gifts are always unique, and this is a great way of collecting SST memorabilia. Of course, we have a lot of fun!

Sisters Sippin’ Tea has evolved from three to over twenty chapters representing Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Virginia, Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Delaware and Cairo, Egypt.  

Bi-annually sisters from across the nation meet up for a fun-filled weekend, meeting other chapter members, establishing and renewing old friendships.  This event consists of author panel discussions and book signings, fabulous entertainment and an opportunity to fellowship with other SST members from other cities.  Each SST Chapter provide a Chapter update which continues to be interesting, enlightening and a source of literary information.

April 2013 SST Reunion Sip
National Harbor, MD
with Guest Author Susan L. Taylor

If you would like more information about joining SST or starting a chapter in your city, please visit our Member Chapter Page.

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